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2 Oct 2015

Female Genital Mutilation (duty to report)

Keeping Children Safe in Education has been updated to include information on the new duty

The most recent version of Keeping Children Safe in Education has been updated to include information on the new duty, under the Serious Crime Act 2015, for certain professionals (including teachers) to notify the police when they discover that FGM appears to have been carried out on a girl under 18. The duty came into force on 1 October.

The Act specifies that discovering an act of FGM includes: where a girl informs a teacher that an act of female genital mutilation (however described) has been carried out on her; or where a teacher observes physical signs on the girl appearing to show that an act of female genital mutilation has been carried out on her, and the teacher has no reason to believe that the act was, or was part of, a surgical operation.

The Home Office has published a series of factsheets on the protection of children and miscellaneous sections of the Serious Crime Act, which includes a factsheet on FGM.

6 Jul 2017 Safeguarding

Safeguarding - update July 2017

Information on the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA), the children and social work act 2017 and automated external defibrillators guidance.

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7 Jun 2017 Safeguarding

Safeguarding - update June 2017

Safeguarding checklist

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4 May 2017 Safeguarding

Safeguarding - update May 2017

NSPCC online safety

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4 Apr 2017 Safeguarding

Safeguarding - update April 2017

Consultation on allowing schools to hold spare adrenaline auto-injectors

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7 Mar 2017 Safeguarding

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)

The Inquiry continues and all schools need to ensure that you are prepared by conducting an internal review of all documentation to ensure that there is access to any information which may be relevant for the inquiry.

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20 Jan 2017

Counter-extremism policy in English schools

Briefing paper from the House of Commons

1 Sep 2016

Keeping children safe in education

Statutory guidance for schools and colleges from the DfE

1 Jul 2014

Identification Checking Guidelines

Information from the Disclosure and Barring Service on the changes to the list of documents the applicant must provide.