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15 Oct 2014

Employment Law update - October 2014

Changes since the last update and those to come in.

Shared parental leave

New regulations are due to come into force on 1 December 2014 which will implement a coalition agreement to introduce Shared Parental Leave (SPL).

SPL is a new entitlement for staff who are parents to take leave in the first year of their child’s life or in the first year after their child’s placement for adoption. See more information on Shared Parental Leave. Changes since April 2014

  1. Acas early conciliation update (May 2014)
  2. Education HR e-briefing 579: Early conciliation, from 'may' to 'must'
  3. Compulsory pay audits following breach of equal pay law (June 2014)
  4. ACAS publish guidance on handling requests for flexible working (June 2014)
  5. Preventing illegal working: code of practice, new fines for employing illegal workers and avoiding discrimination (May/July 2014)
  6. An employer’s guide to right to work checks
  7. An employer’s guide to the administration of the civil penalty scheme
  8. Sickness absence: Health and Work Service supplier announced (July 2014)
  9. Fit for work
  10. DWP publish guidance on employing disabled people and people with health conditions (July 2014)
  11. BIS publishes new standard flexible working application form (July 2014)
  12. EHRC publishes guidance on appointments to boards and equality law (August 2014)
  13. Disciplinary sanction: no right to increase on appeal unless express provision (August 2014)
  14. High Court ruling on safeguarding disclosures: employers do not owe former staff a duty of care when making disclosures to safeguarding bodies (September 2014)
  15. New guidance from ACAS on managing bereavement in the workplace (September 2014)
  16. ACAS ‘dresses up’ old guidance on personal appearance in the workplace

Legislation in force from 1 October 2014

  1. Whistle-blowing: the Public Interest Disclosure Order 2014 is now in effect and sets out a new list of prescribed persons

  2. Fathers' right to time off for ante-natal appointments Education HR e-briefing 590: Time off work to accompany a pregnant woman to ante-natal appointments

  3. National Minimum Wage increase

  4. Reserve Forces Reform: statutory requirement for two years’ service to bring an unfair dismissal claim will no longer apply to employees who are dismissed for reasons connected with their Reserve Forces membership

Upcoming changes

  1. Criminal offence for employers to require prospective employees (or existing employees applying for new positions) to seek and disclose the results of a data access request from the Police (December 2014)

  2. Employer guide on shared parental leave regime published (April 2015)

  3. ‘Flexible’ maternity and paternity leave to come into force (April 2015)

  4. UK Discrimination Law Review: Shared parental leave: an update

  5. Tax-free Childcare vouchers (Autumn 2015)

  6. UK Consumer Rights Bill and the potential impact on education providers (late 2015/early 2016

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