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Thursday 12 April 2012

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Independent sector

Taunton School has master to manage student applications to American universities

Feature article on Taunton School in Somerset which has a master in charge of helping students through the admissions process for American universities, as the rising fees for UK higher education make studying in the US more attractive. It is reported that an increasing number of independent schools are making appointments of this nature.

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Free schools

Free schools are oversubscribed with 10 applicants for each place

According to figures released by the Department for Education, 19 free schools reported that they are oversubscribed for this September. Primary schools received on average more than twice as many applicants per place, with all-through or secondary schools receiving over three times as many. Twenty-two of the 24 open free schools responded to the survey.

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Faith schools

Council faces judicial review over new Roman Catholic schools

Two organisations have joined forces to oppose plans for new Roman Catholic schools in Richmond-upon-Thames, arguing that the council should have considered alternative providers for the schools. The British Humanist Association and the Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign are calling for a judicial review of the way the council has handled the case.

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Primary education

London gains largest share in additional funding for primary places

Details have been published of how much extra funding each local authority in England will get for primary school places. The list, published yesterday, shows four London boroughs at the top. The additional funds were announced in November 2011 for places in 2012/13 in response to a birth rate surge. The government predicts 450,000 extra places will be needed in England by 2015.

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Child welfare

Number of UK street children is underestimated

New research commissioned by the Consortium for Street Children (CSC) has found that child homelessness in the UK is underestimated by 68%. A survey of 2,000 adults showed that four out of five were not aware of an estimated 100,000 children in the UK who become runaways every year. Sally Shire, CSC chief executive, urged governments across the world to recognise that it is not a crime to be a street child and to fight for their human rights.

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Foreign languages

Languages should be compulsory to 16 says British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has called for foreign language study to be made compulsory until 16 if the country is to secure its place as a leading exporter in the future. The BCC has suggested that companies could be offered tax breaks for giving their staff foreign language training.

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Higher education

Independent supplement on MBAs

The Independent today contains a 20-page supplement on MBA courses.

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And finally...

Ancient texts digitised by the Vatican and Oxford University

1.5m pages of ancient texts are to be digitised to make them available online in a joint initiative by the Oxford University and Vatican libraries. A £2m award from the Polonsky Foundation is funding the project which will focus on three key areas: Greek manuscripts, early printed books and 15th-century printed books.

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