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Leadership Courses

Representatives from ISC’s member associations and affiliated organisations are working together to provide a range of school leadership training courses.

Cross Association Leadership (CAL)

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Cross Association Leadership (CAL) is a joint initiative, between ISC associations, to identify leadership opportunities within the independent school sector and to provide suitable training courses. Bursars, teachers, Heads or Governors can find courses relevant to their needs and career development.

The intention of CAL is to enhance the high calibre of leadership training already in existence by providing a central search facility, enabling staff to find courses suitable to their level and location. Courses can provide staff with a variety of career pathways and where appropriate lead to accreditation. Skills are transferable within the maintained and Independent school sectors.

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Annual Reports

View the CAL Annual Report 2013
View the CAL Annual Report 2012


CAL Bulletin - June 2013

CAL Symposium 2014

More information

CAL Group Members

Member Association Email
Julie Robinson (Chair) IAPS
Jennifer Bray (Co Chair) COBIS
Michael Jeans (Vice Chair) AGBIS
Sam Cook IAPS
Hilary Moriarty BSA
Dr Frances Ramsey GSA
Melanie Horsburgh HMC
James Wilding ISA
Audrey Sanderson ISBA
Rod MacKinnon The Society of Heads

CAL Professional Development Officers

Officer Association Email
Patrick Walker AGBIS
Alex Thompson BSA
Fiona Rogers COBIS
Jane Carroll GSA
Larraine Curzon IAPS
Maggie Turner ISA
Paul Simpson ISBA

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