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Expert Advisory Groups

ISC facilitates the following advisory groups, working with experts from our member associations.

Information and Communication Technology strategy group

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) expert group consists of heads and ICT specialists as recommended by the associations. The group is focusing on ICT policy in schools with controversial topics such as social networking. See the ISC ICT Strategy Group Website

Group Contact: Adele Gilpin

Member Association
Mark Steed (Chairman) HMC/GSA
Daniel Edwards HMC/IAPS
Stephen Holliday HMC
David Horton IAPS/ISA
John Moreland The Society of Heads
Ian Phillips HMC
Jane Prescott GSA
Ian Yorston HMC
Adele Gilpin ISC

Special Educational Needs expert group

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) expert group was founded immediately after the Warnock report in 1978 so that ISC’s member Associations could be kept well informed of current developments regarding SEN. The group consists of Heads and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCos) from schools ranging from those registered as specialist to academically selective and high achieving.

The remit of the group is to:

  • Assist ISC with responding to government initiatives and be a source of information for ISC
  • Keep Heads and colleagues properly informed as to their duties and responsibilities
  • Provide a networking facility to help provide training and support for SENCos’ working within member schools

Group Contact: Annette De Looper

Member Association
Barry Huggett (Chair) ISA
Olivera Raraty GSA
Sonia Margareto GSA
Anne Sherrard HMC
Jacqui Clarke HMC
Tracey Eldridge-Hinmers Independent
Laraine Ehlanderr-Lawrence IAPS
Penny Frost IAPS
Larraine Curzon IAPS
Jackie Murray ISA
Christine Gierhart The Society of Heads
Judy Cochand IAPS
Sunena Stoneham ISC
Annette De Looper ISC

Community Action Working Party

The Working Party has been in existence for over 40 years and consists of teachers representing the Associations’ schools with responsibility for developing programmes of Community Action, partnerships and volunteering in independent schools. It aims to foster links between schools within and outside the independent sector, in the UK and overseas, and to support schools which are beginning or seeking to expand their programmes. It holds a national conference every two years and regional meetings at intervals. The Working Party regularly advises on Government and DfE consultations and policymaking.

For more information and contacts go to

Community Action Conference
7 November 2015, King Edward’s School Birmingham.
Contact for further details.

Member Association
Vikki Askew (Chair) GSA
Jeremy Orme (Treasurer) HMC
Ben Attenborough HMC
Jenifer Ball Formerly HMC
Justin Blake IAPS
Barry Brindley Formerly HMC
Graham Chandler HMC
Harry Chapman HMC
David Allen HMC
Elizabeth Dillarstone HMC
Sophie Entwistle HMC
Nicholas de Mattos ISA and GSA
Daniel Gill IAPS
Tim Watts HMC
Ashley Hern HMC
John Lewis HMC
Michael Morrison HMC
Mike Piercy IAPS
Jo Whitehead HMC
Robert Griffiths
Neil Jones IAPS

Child Welfare Group

The Child Welfare Expert Group is established to anticipate, consider and respond to challenges in the following type of areas (examples only):

  • Developments in safeguarding practice – driven by legal challenges, changes to government guidance, inspection requirements etc
  • Developments in social media and IT – cyberbullying, offensive websites, digital imagery etc
  • ‘High risk’ areas for schools – self-harm, body image, anorexia etc

The Group is tasked with preparing and disseminating via ISC and member associations best practice guidance and practical advice notes for schools.

Member Association
Ruth Mercer GSA
Nicola Dick-Cleland GSA
Chris Jeffrey HMC
Sue Freestone HMC
Ian Yorston HMC (representing the ICT Expert Group)
Peter Wells IAPS
Stephen Holliday ISBA
Durell Barnes ISI
Nicola Dudley SCIS
Dr Alison Neil The Society of Heads
Emma Verrier WISC
Tracey Eldridge-Hinmers Independent (representing the SEN Expert Group)
Alex Thomson BSA
Annette De Looper ISC
Sunena Stoneham ISC

Political Working Group

The mission of the ISC PWG is to provide a forum in which ISC member associations can share thoughts and ideas with a view to shaping a unified voice for the independent schools sector as it relates to the political landscape.

Members Associations
Charlotte Vere GSA
Colin Bell COBIS
David Boddy The Society of Heads
David Hanson IAPS
Chris King HMC
Barnaby Lenon ISC
Mike Lower ISBA
Andrew Hampton ISA
Ken Young AGBIS
Stephen Dorrell External
Robin Fletcher BSA
Sunena Stoneham ISC
Tracy Cook ISC
Annette De Looper ISC

ISC Communications Working Group

The ISC Communications Working Group was established in 2013 with the aim of improving communications and planning between the associations, with the goal of promoting and protecting the sector. It aims to co-ordinate and implement the ISC Communications Strategy, as agreed by the ISC Board. The Group is also tasked with contributing, preparing and disseminating via ISC and member associations best practice guidance and practical advice notes for schools.

The Group’s aims are to:
  • Implement best practice in generating positive press coverage and in containing and responding to negative press coverage of the sector and associations/schools within it.
  • Co-ordinate and plan strategies, campaigns and responses in which associations can work together to increase positive stories within the media and with political influencers.
  • Share activities, news, research, publications and key events with other associations.
Members Associations
Rachel Kerr GSA
Sue Bishop HMC
Heidi Salmons HMC
Angie Shatford ISA
Hannah Webster IAPS
Matthew Smith IAPS
Carol Carty AGBIS
Gillian Goode ISBA
Richard Palmer The Society of Heads
Anna Hill GDST
Mo Bosch GDST
Emma Verrier WISC
Alison Herbert SCIS
Natalie Friend COBIS
Tracy Cook ISC
Merry Arnold ISC

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