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ISC’s Board and Committees

ISC is a company limited by guarantee. Our work is directed by our Board, which comprises individuals nominated for appointment by each of our eight member associations.


Individuals on the ISC board are nominated for appointment by each of our eight member associations.

Director Association Email
Barnaby Lenon ISC Chairman
Richard Green AGBIS
Alice Phillips GSA
Louise Robinson GSA
William Richardson HMC
Stephen Holliday HMC
David Hanson IAPS
Mark Brotherton IAPS
Neil Roskilly ISA
Andrew Hampton ISA
Mark Taylor ISBA
Peter Bodkin The Society of Heads
Richard Palmer The Society of Heads

Finance Committee

The Board has delegated certain functions to the Finance Committee, including monitoring the financial performance of ISC against the annual budget and monitoring the performance of investments. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board on ISC’s annual budget (including subscription levels) and ISC’s statutory financial statements. The Committee comprises up to six Board members and up to two co-opted members.

Committee Member Association Email
Annika Hedrich ISBA
Stephen Holliday HMC
Gerard Silverlock Co-opted (IAPS)
Neil Roskilly ISA
Richard Palmer The Society of Heads
Charlotte Vere GSA
Josie Phillips ISC

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