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ISC Board and Committees

ISC is a company limited by guarantee. Our work is directed by our Board, which comprises individuals nominated for appointment by each of our member associations.

ISC Board

Individuals on the ISC board are nominated for appointment by each of our seven member associations.

Director Association Email
Barnaby Lenon ISC Chairman nia.bozkurt@isc.co.uk
Alice Phillips ISC Vice Chairman office@gsa.uk.com
Lorna Cocking AGBIS admin@agbis.org.uk
Richard Harman AGBIS gensec@agbis.org.uk
Caroline Jordan GSA office@gsa.uk.com
William Richardson HMC gensec@hmc.org.uk
Stephen Holliday HMC gensec@hmc.org.uk
David Hanson IAPS iaps@iaps.org.uk
John Tranmer IAPS iaps@iaps.org.uk
Neil Roskilly ISA isa@isaschools.org.uk
Stuart Nicholson ISA isa@isaschools.org.uk
Margaret McKenna ISBA office@theisba.org.uk
David Woodgate ISBA office@theisba.org.uk
Clive Rickart The Society of Heads gensec@thesocietyofheads.org.uk
Adrian Meadows The Society of Heads gensec@thesocietyofheads.org.uk
Julie Robinson ISC nia.bozkurt@isc.co.uk

50% of A Level entries from pupils at ISC schools received an A* or A (national average 26.0%)

ISC Exam Results Collection, 2015

Finance Committee

The Board has delegated certain functions to the Finance Committee, including monitoring the financial performance of ISC against the annual budget and monitoring the performance of investments. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board on ISC’s annual budget (including subscription levels) and ISC’s statutory financial statements.

Director Association Email
Margaret McKenna ISBA office@theisba.org.uk
Stephen Holliday HMC hmc@hmc.org.uk
Jason Whiskerd Co-opted (IAPS) gerard.silverlock@btinternet.com
Caroline Jordan GSA office@gsa.uk.com
Josie Phillips ISC josie.phillips@isc.co.uk

More than a third of pupils receive help with their fees, with a value of more than £858 million per year

ISC Annual Census 2016