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ISC Campaign News

DfE publishes revised Part 2 of Independent School Standards
Following the recent consultation on the proposed changes to the Independent School Standards Regulations, DfE has now published the revised Part 2.
11 September 2014
Important reminder for schools with Tier 4 licence
Any Tier 4 school whose Highly Trusted Status is due for renewal in November 2014 should consider very carefully whether to apply for renewal in October instead.
10 September 2014

Education in the News

Posh Britain: Will they always lord it over us?
In new film The Riot Club, based loosely on the antics of the notorious Bullingdon boys, a gaggle of toffs trash restaurants for larks. Who are these people, how did they turn out like this – and what does it tell us about privilege today? By Stuart Jeffries, The Observer. Read More
22 September 2014

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